IBM 2024
Welcome to Isang Bangkang Malaya (“IBM”), the flagship event of the Filipino Dragons (Singapore) that commemorates the Philippines’ declaration of independence through the exciting sport of dragon boating.

IBM’s legacy is to bring together Filipinos of all backgrounds and paddling experiences to the excitement of dragon boat racing. We aim to promote a culture of camaraderie, inclusivity, and solidarity.

Over the years, IBM has become a highly anticipated event attended by hundreds, including ex-pats and locals in Singapore. It has become a platform for showcasing the Filipino spirit and culture while promoting the sport of dragon boating. It is FDS’s pride that this IBM tradition has made a positive impact and we look forward to sharing our passion for the sport and culture with everyone.

We are thrilled to extend our invitation to our international friends for the 11th year of Isang Bangkang Malaya in 2024!

This year’s theme, “Sail of History, Wave to Victory”

The nostalgic journey back to our childhood involves the art of racing our first “bangka,”
a miniature boat known as ‘bangkang papel.’ Steering this bangka was a joy, propelled by either blowing with our breath or pushing with ‘ting-ting’ (palm leaf midrib). Those early races along the street canals ignited the flame of our enthusiasm for dragon boating.

Our experiences with bangkang papel taught us about overcoming obstacles, symbolised by the waves of struggle when our ‘bangkang papel’ faced challenges on its journey. This journey is deeply rooted in our Filipino identity, where childhood history and culture have significantly contributed to our passion for the sport.

As children, the simple act of crafting and racing ‘bangkang papel’ granted us a sense of freedom, fostering strong bonds with friends. Today, those childhood memories continue to hold a special place in our hearts, reminding us of the joyous times spent in playful camaraderie.

The IBM t-shirt 2024

Our IBM t-shirt has become an iconic symbol of our annual celebrations, embodying the spirit of unity, innovation, and camaraderie.

The event will feature an array of exciting race categories, including  “Fiesta Cup”, a fun race for the Filipino community. Meanwhile the “Captain’s Cup” and “Barak Cup” cater to experienced and competitive paddlers.

This year, we are pleased to announce our partnership with PAssion WaVe to ensure a safe, fair, and an unforgettable event experience for all participants and spectators.

Join us and register via the categories of your choice below! The deadline for submission of entries is on April 15, 2024. Race fee includes IBM souvenir shirt and a chance to win exciting prizes!

To learn more about IBM Rules and Regulations, please click here.

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